Are you aware of your potential for optimisation when purchasing turned and milled parts?

There is no alternative to AMMANN Components if you are using components made of steel or aluminium alloys. Since 1830, we have been the specialists for the high-quality, efficient manufacture of mechanical components in virtually all the sizes you are likely to need. Using the most up-to-date machining techniques, our own forge and professional welding technology, we can fulfil practically every customer request.

In our role of system supplier, we support you with our established manufacturing know-how, from development to complete series production solution. Our manufacturing procedures are designed to suit each customer’s requirements. The use of super-modern machinery in metal cutting production ensures efficient manufacturing with high levels of process reliability and flexibility.



Daniel Beglinger, Paul Ammann, Markus Halder (v.l.n.r.)

We are only satisfied when it is perfect.

For us, perfection is an absolute must. Because we know it is precisely this perfection that guarantees market success for our customers. Therefore, this is our guiding principle.



Perfectly turned and milled parts ready for immediate use

AMMANN Components supplies ready-to-install components and pre-assembled modules manufactured with the aid of blank casting, drop-forging or made of solid material. Supplementary processes, such as coating or heat treatment, are covered by an audited supplier network.

Component sizes
Turning/milling (up to 12 axes) Milling (up to 5 axes)
From rods up to ⌀ 90 mm – length 1,200 mm up to 1,400 mm
Chucking parts up to ⌀ 350 mm – length 1,200 mm



Keep on the safe side with solutions from AMMANN Components

“As a result of the global competition situation, the development of strategic partnerships in the value-added chain has become more and more important. In this respect, the benefits can only be maximised if all elements are perfectly coordinated with one another, communicate with each other in an optimal manner and always provide mutual support.”

Markus Halder | Sales & Marketing Manager




Lateral thinking, drawing on experience: this is how we follow new, efficient paths in collaboration with our customers.

Production engineering


Personal communications on site, proximity to contact partners: this is the foundation of successful cooperation.



Innovation skills and high-quality production: our customer base includes companies all over the world.